Monday, 29 April 2013

Evidence of planning

These images show the planning for my characters, setting and props. The big house hints at the genre of the film as it is meant to be a haunted house this being a stereotypically horror setting. I chose Poppy Scarlett to be a main characters as she is a young girl this could then make her seem more venerable and weak character. I used Leah Patterson as another main character so that poppy's character in the film could form relationships and therefore the audience could relate to her more. I used the black bowls and cutlery to make the film seem more realistic to the audience.

Target audience questionnaire

Storyboard of Possession

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


For my piece of AS level coursework I will have to complete a number of tasks to make sure that my final piece is to a high standard. I will have to plan for my film opening sequence, create my opening and evaluate my opening to meet the criteria. The text must be two minutes and must include film titles and credits.  Any audio material I add must me original or from a copyright-free source. To make sure I have complete all tasks to a high standard I will plan my work by doing a number of activities these being looking at other opening sequence, researching into narrative theory, codes and conventions, genre, target audience, characterisation and technical codes including mise en scene, camerawork, sounds and editing. After I have carefully planned my text and made my text I will evaluate my piece.

Opening sequences

The opening two minutes of a film can be in some films the most important 2 minutes of the film. The opening two minutes is very important, in these two minutes you have to establish a genre, tone and the style of the film.  These two minutes can be the most important as it needs to be able to interest the audience in order for them to keep watching.  The main jobs of an opening are:

·         To ‘hook’ the audience. Something interesting must happen in order to make us watch the rest of the film.  The opening may use enigma codes (questions that the narrative will answer later in the text.) to help create a ‘hook’ therefore making us watch on to see those questions answered.

·         It must introduce genre, tone and theme.  By using conventions of the chosen genre they can establish the genre within the audience therefore helping the audience to create and interest to the film and give idea to the audience of what they can expect from the rest of the film.

·         It must introduce characters. Showing clearly the type of character they are a heroine or an agent of change.  It must introduce their role in the narrative and successfully convey there personality to the audience.

·         It must establish the time and place, the setting and the atmosphere. Setting in the film is most important as from setting the audience will know what to expect from the film.