Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Film Ideas

My first film idea is for a horror genre. The film will be based around the paranormal. The story will be based around one family, a mum and two sister. The family have to move into a new house because of what happened in there old house and town. The oldest sister Rosie got bullied into her old school and rumours got sent around the whole town about. So Rosie and her family run away to a new town and new house to start a new life. What the family don't know is the new house they've moved into isnt just a normal house and infact the house is haunted with evil spririts. The evil spritis in the house take over Rosie's mum and sister and possess there bodies. In order for her mum and sister to return to there normal state Rosie will have to save them. Will Rosie run away like she always does or will she save her family and face her fears.

My second film idea is for a romance genre. The story begins with a boy and a girl, they have been bestfriends since primary school and now live together. The girl is 27 and one day finds out that she has a terminal illness and she only has six more months to live. Knowing that she will never do all the things she wanted to do before she dies, her bestfriend is determined that she makes a bucket list and do everything she want to do before she dies. So one by one her and her bestfriend go on and one until they complete the list but what they don't realise is that they are start to have feelings for each other and are actually in love with each other. She manages to complete everything on her list accept one thing, marriage. The boy being madly in love with her wants to complete her list so asked her to marry him before she dies. As it gets to the end of time she starts to get weaker and weaker. You can see that she is on edge, nearly dead her husband promises never to love anyone else and that he will always live on in her memory.

My Third film idea is an action/horror. Will be based on a zombie apocalypse. One morning a man that has been in a coma for ten month wakes up on a day he will wish he hadn't. To survive in this world he has to be sronger then ever before. He will have to find food, find water supplies and other survivors. Through finding other uninfected he hears that there will be a rescue helicopter to take the uninfected to take them all to a secure location but the only problem is he has to reach the helicopter by 17:00. With being miles away from the rescue point will our protagonist be able to make it in time. Will he be able to defeat the infected on his way.

My Favourite film idea is the first idea this is because I enjoy watching horror films the best and also believe that are the most popular film genre is horror, this means that is will be the most enjoyable for the audience to watch. I also believe that my film idea is unique as even though there are many paranormal films out there there are none with this storyline which makes it interesting.

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