Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Target Audience - Opening to Scream

An example of a film that is successful at targeting there audience is ‘Scream’.

By watching the opening 2 minutes of ‘Scream’ it is easy to see who their target audience is. The opening two minutes with an older teenage girl home alone. This then helps to meet their target audience this being older teenagers to young adults between 15-20 as they can relate to the teenage character in the narrative. With this the main character is home alone about to watch a ‘scary movie’ this also helps the teenage audience to relate to the character as it stereotypical of teenagers to watch films alone.

 The next thing that would appeal to their target audience would be the genre of the film because of the horror genre it appeals to the audience as it is stereotypical for teens to watch horror films we know this because is it this audiences that like thrills and tense scenes. We know the film is a horror genre because of the many horror conventions used in the opening alone these being things like venerable teenage girl, isolated setting, night time setting and jumpy bits in the film. 

The last thing in why ‘Scream’ is successful at targeting there audience is because of the age certificate I which ‘Scream’ is. ‘Scream’ has an age certificate of 15 this makes the film successful as they have targeted towards the right audience. If ‘Scream’ targeted the film toward young children it would not be successful as young children would not want to watch a horror film with blood and gore and it would also be very insensitive.  

All this is within the opening of the film therefore as a audience we can easily see the target audience.

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