Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Opening Two minutes

The first two minutes of my opening will start like a flash forward. There is a close up of the main character Rosie running, her facial expression carries the look of worry and being scared. Her house is in the background and is blurred out so that the main focal point of the camera is the girl. Her house is isolated from anything else that then is a convention of the horror genre. This then gives hints that the girl is running from the house. The camera then cuts to a mid-shot this is so you can see the girl’s whole costume. You can also see by her actions now that she is clearly running. It then cuts to a point of view shot this helps to give the audience a more personal feel  and as the camera is handheld it emphasis that she is running fast.

 The camera then cuts back to the beginning of the film where there are a mid-shot of the main character Rosie and her sister. The first piece of dialogue comes in here. (Darcy) ‘You looking forward to starting new school today Rosie’ (Rosie) ‘Be nice to have a fresh start, making new friends is hard for me though.’ (Darcy)  ‘Just act yourself and I’m sure you will be fine.’ The Production Company then fades in really jolty in black writing.

 It then cuts back to the fast forward of a high angle of Rosie this then making Rosie look vulnerable.  Her facial expression is still scared which shows the audience that she is running away from her fears.

It then cuts back to the beginning where Rosie and her sister continue to talk. (Rosie) ‘That’s what I’m scared of; if I act myself people are guaranteed not to like me.’ (Darcy) ‘You know that’s not true, just have confidence in yourself.’ At the point where they are both speaking again the title of the director fades in jolty in black writing. The black writing connotes with death and evil and therefore gives clues that my film opening is a horror.

 It then cuts back to the flash forward of Rosie running. The camera is at a close up therefore we can see Rosie scared expression as, as she is still running the audience can get the impression that are main protagonist is running from something or someone.

 It then cuts back to the beginning again. There is a graphic match of Rosie close up of Rosie’s face where she looks nervous. (Rosie) ‘I hope I’ll be fine.’.  this then gives clues to the audience that Rosie will not ‘be fine’.

It then cuts back to the flash forward of Rosie still running. The camera is at an over the shoulder shot. This then helps to give the impression something is watching her or chasing her. The Producers name fades in jumpy the writing is still in black. The camera then does a point of view shot this then gives us Rosie’s point of view making it personal. To highlight Rosie is still running the camera will be hand held. The camera then does a horizontal pan to the left then to right this then emphasises that Rosie  is very much still alone and in an isolated setting.  The two main actor’s names fade in jumpy to go along with the jumpy/Jolty them to the titles.

 It then cuts back to A mid shot of Rosie and her sister Darcy walking out the door. This then helps to shows the proximity between the characters and that they share a close relationship.  (Darcy) ‘Guess we can’t be late for our first day.’.  The camera then zooms to a close up of the door where the name of the film possession fades in Jumpy In big bold black writing.

 For the last time the camera goes back to the flash-forward. There is a mid-shot of Rosie sat up against a tree with her head in her hands. The camera then tracks round to the front of Rosie. The last shot is a mid-shot of Rosie still crying this then makes her character seem weak. We can now see Rosie crying so it poses the question to the audience ‘why is she cry?’.  Therefore making the audience hooked and wanting to watch the rest of the film to find out.  During the flash forward there will be no dialogue just Rosie’s heavy breathing. Soft slow non-diegetic sound will be played throughout the flash forward to help set the tone of the film. In the bits where the characters are speaking there will be quiet tense music this will slowly build up until the name of the film fades in.

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