Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Opening Sequences - Layer cake

The opening of the film layer cake start off with an extreme close up of an object the audience cannot make out at this moment so it creates an element of mystery. The colour of the black could connote death therefore hinting at the genre. The first thing the audience hear in the opening is the voice over of a man we are not yet introduced to. This then helps to set the scene of the film and also helps the audience hint towards the films genre. The camera then does a reverse zoom and we see that the object we didn’t know is the back of an old car, this then hint the era we are in at this point of the film. There is still a close up of the back of the van and then all of a sudden there is an explosion the close up the shows the full explosion and also emphasis the action at this point, as there is an explosions within the first minute the audience will know the film is an action/ gangster film.

 From the explosion are first piece of non- diegetic music begins to play the music is very calm which juxtapose with the action actually on the screen. The colour of the opening at this point is in black and white this could help show the era it is set helping the audience get a better setting of the film, which then creates an interest. We the here dialogue from the man in the middle of the action, even though this is the first man we hear speak that isn’t a voice over we know this is not the man who is the voice over, we know this because the voice over continues to speak whilst the man is speaking too, we listen to the voice over because his voice is the loudest and the one were most interested in. The camera shot is showing a mid-shot this then shows all the action to the audience and it also shows the proximity between the characters on screen him being the one higher up showing he has the most power.

The camera tracks across the screen when it meets a women the camera rolls over high hair and does a graphic match over to a man’s face. This then is when the colour finally changes and we no longer have black and white we know have vibrant colours. This can show the era change in the film and can also convey that it was a happier time in the past. the camera then does a reverse zoom and shows us the whole shot, this then emphasis we are watch a film with the genre of gangster as most people associate drugs with gangsters and bad people. The hippy’s first introduce the drugs to us first, they introduce the as a happy thing and more relaxed thing which is a contrast to what we see them as now. We the see a women who walks across the screen here it turns to a graphic match to a prison guard in a prison, this then takes us to a new setting, we know this is a prison from the customs worn by the guards and the men. The camera the pans across the screen showing us the whole setting, this helps the audience outline the main themes of the film this being drugs, it is also a contrast between the clip as it showed drugs as a good thing whereas of it showing that you can go to prison for it which the contrast to what the voice over is saying ‘we’re in the wrong fucking game.’ This then shows that the voice over thinks that being a drug dealer is the right job, with all of this it helps the audience have a little background story of the film.

 The camera then shows us a close up of the drugs which then makes the audience reach the climax that the film will indeed be about drugs, this will then make or break whether the audience is interested in the film ad wants to continue to watch it. The camera pans across the screen ad we see the whole room is full of drugs. The voice over at that point says ‘me’ and a man walks in at that point we know that this is the man of the voice over. The man walks across the screen and as he walks across the screen the drugs In the background disappears ad turns into normal per scripted drugs this could give to clues to the audience is that the man is an ordinary guy really and it shows that he drug work is separate to his normal life.

 The voiceover then says ‘I’m not a gangster I’m a businessman’ this then puts the audience on his side ad helps make a connection with him, even though we still don’t know his name this means that we cannot make a relationship with the character like we normally do.

 The camera does a crane a shot up the window where we seem them first handling with drugs, this is the first time we see are protagonist dealing with the drugs, put because the voice over makes it seem like he knows what he’s doing we are not concerned for him as we assume he knows what he’s doing. Also because he says that he only wants a certain amount of money and then he will quit the job we feel that he is safe.

 The camera gives a close up of the money this could emphasis how important the money is I this business also because there is bright light shining on the money it shows the audience that the money is all that matters. The voice over tells us that he owns a share or a housing business this shows that he has an ordinary job outlining he is just an ordinary person, with just a side interest. This then helps us related to are character and give us more connections to the main character.

 The camera in the opening shows us a lot of pans this helps show the audience the full action it helps show in each the clip the setting and it also shows us all the character I the clip and by the lighting in the clip we can see who is most important and also shows whether the topic is good or bad. When we meet the man that does or main characters fianc├ęs and it shows a close up of the computer screen which we make up that it is something to do with money this then highlights the fact that one of the main themes to the film is money.

 The ending of the opening shows him walking down a very dark alley this then could give clues to the audience that the film might not end so well for our main character, making us feel sympathy for him at this point. Also because he says ‘life is so fucking good I can taste it.’ This then shows that he life’s could be too good for him and at any moment something bad can strike him leaving him venerable this then contrast with the setting and the lighting of the alley.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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