Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Narrative Theory – Narrative Codes

Enigma and action codes are a way in which a film can keep and audience interested. Enigma and action codes are posing questions within an audience then answering them. Enigma and action codes give enough information to the audience to keep them guessing what might happen in the film but they do not give enough information to ruin the ending, this then gives us reason to carry on watching.

 Enigma codes are the question posed in the film. The codes are there to make the audience pay attention and so that they keep an interest throughout the entire film. Some enigma codes won’t be answered to the end of the film and some will be answered straight away. Some enigma codes don’t get answered at all leaving the audience curious.

Action codes are often the answers to the questions posed by the enigma codes. Action codes are when the audience learn something new in the narrative. This could be something about a character, plot, theme, the action and the plot moves on in some way. Action codes give information that they will need to know in order to keep watching.

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