Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Synopsis of my film idea

When one family have to move out of there pefecrt family home, the reason has to be serious. Catherine a single mum is try to do the best to protect and keep her family safe. When she  finds out that her oldest daughter Rosie is being bullied she has to put it to a stop. She wants to stop all the rumours that will hurt Rosie and protect her from all bad. To do this she decides to move her family to the other side of the country to the small region of suffolk even if it means making her yonuger sister move to. But when the family move into the house it isn't as lovely as they first thought, what they don't know is what they can't see will hurt them s they house is haunted with evil spirits. One by one Rosie's family gets possessed by the spirits that live at the house to. Now Rosie has to make the biggest decision of her life. Does chose to save her family and face her biggest fear or run away like she always does.

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